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​William Reed

William Reed is from America and is a Japanologist with over four decades of experience in Japan, and in-depth knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.


Currently a University Professor at Yamanashi Gakuin University International College of Liberal Arts, he has an 8th-Dan in Aikido, a 10th-Dan in Shodo, is a regular commentator on Japanese television and radio, public speaker, and a best-selling author and columnist on Samurai and Japanese Calligraphy.




​TEDx presenter

NHK World 「Journeys in Japan」


William Reed Original Samurai Samue (working clothes)


"Samue" serves as casual and comfortable wear.

Originally it was designed as working clothes for Buddhist monks, and now it was worn as everyday wear, casual wear, gardening wear, cooking wear, or any other occasion we like.

Designed like a martial arts uniform, but intended for daily wear, this Samue also contains embroidered symbols which tell a story.

On the back is the character for 道 meaning Path or Way in William Reed's brushwork, as the Do in Aikido, Karatedo, Judo. On the front is embroidered a Rising Dragon, which itself contains many symbols; the Salmon climbing the waterfall to be transformed into a Dragon of mythical proportions, with the horns of a deer, the head of a camel, the eyes of a demon, the body of a snake, the scales of a carp, the under body of a water dragon, the palms of a tiger, and the claws of a falcon. The creature carries a Peony blossom, the symbol of Culture and the flowering of Life. The creature draws Ki energy from the many elements of the earth and carries them to the Heavens in the blossoming of culture.

The designer's signature is embedded in the creature's body like a tail. The obi or belt contains William Reed's brush signature combing the characters for Samurai 士 and Mind 心, which together form the meaning of Will or Mission, surrounding the English word Will, which is also the name of the author.

The website is in Japanese, but it is possible to order the Samue in 4 different colors, and various sizes as available, which are described on the site.

This Samurai Samue was designed in collaboration with Shitateya Jingoro, which makes Kimono and Japanese clothing which fits easily into a modern lifestyle.


William Reed's brush signature

​Messages from Designers


​"Michi" (meaning Path or Way)

In Japanese, "Michi" also means a lesson, moral, or practice that we master over many years of training. It is said that it takes at least 10,000 hours and at least 10 years to master or accomplish something. But even if we dedicate our entire life, "Michi" is a Journey that has a direction, but no final destination.

"Michi" is an element of Japanese culture that has become a world heritage.

Master your "Michi".

​-William Reed


​"Rising Dragon" 

Dragon is said to be the best symbol and is considered to be the source of any energy on the earth.

It also have magnificent power and is a symbol of good fortune that lead everything in a good direction.

Peony flowers are said to be luxurious,rich and symbolize wealth.The Samue has the designer's wishes that raise your life in a good direction.In the body of the dragon,the character of "Will Reed" is hidden.

​-Kenichi Takahashi

​(Desinger of Shitateya Jingoro)


​"Descending Dragon" 

The Descending Dragon has achieved Mastery and returns to earth to reveal its form. The Dragon is a composite of 9 Creatures, bringing together the horns of a deer, the head of a camel, the ears of an ox, the eyes of a demon, the body of a snake, the scales of a carp, the underbelly of a water dragon, the paws of a tiger, and the claws of a hawk. It is a symbol of the source and highest powers of Ki energy on earth. It is also a symbol of Luck and Good Fortune. The Dragon grasps a Peony, a symbol of culture, wealth and refinement.

The name Will Reed is concealed in the scales of the Carp.

​-Kenichi Takahashi

​(Desinger of Shitateya Jingoro)

​​"Rising Dragon" Samue  + Obi

​color  Black/Navy

"​Descending Dragon" Samue  + Obi

​color  Black/Navy

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