Furisode is the special kimono for Japanese girl. Jingoro furisode is the easiest version of all.
The FURISODE everyone can wear easily alone, keep its shape and can wash at home is only Shitateya Jingoro.
You can enjoy our Furisode many times!
For Graduation ceremony, Party, Award Ceremony, Presentation, Thanksgiving Party, Call of Wedding, Ceremony, Traveling Abroad, Study Abroad, Souvenirs etc.
Easily Enjoy Japanese Tradition.
Furisode with collar
Enjoy Wearing on Accessories
Furisode without collar
Customer Feedback
A 12 - year - old daughter wore Furisode made by Shitateya Jingoro to participate in international exchange events at a school. Among various ethnic costumes, only the daughter's kimono was taken up and introduced in the newsletter. Normally we cannot wear such a beautiful kimono unless you come to Japan because It’s too difficult to wear it.  There is nothing to say that it is really amazing !!!
I was told by a friend I met for the first time in coming-of-age ceremony that "Have you lost weight ??" "Beautiful"! Shitateya Jingoro's kimono doesn’t have to use towel to wrap its around the body, so I was seemed to be slender ! I didn’t have to get up early in the morning and had no need to dressing, it was very  very easy!! I just want to keep it a secret! lol Thank you♪♪
I and my family attended wedding ceremony. However, on the same day, my daughter had club activities so we had only one hour to prepare for the ceremony. I picked her up by my car and we adjusted hair in my car. We wore kimono on site and we attend the ceremony as if nothing had happens. We caught a great deal of attention with an elegant kimono! Nobody knows that quick preparation was done except for family members!
If I have a chance, I’d like to look other kimonos.
Why is Jingoro furisode so easy to wear?
These are nessarry dressing accessories for wearing Furisode.
・furisode・obi belt・obijime・hadajuban
・susoyoke・nagajuban・5 towels・han-eri
・erishin・4 koshi himo belts ・2 datejimes
・obi makura belt・maeita・ ushiroita
・obiage​​・dateeri ・triple-karihimo
・waist belt・korin-belt・clips(for dressing kimono) etc...​
In addition, you do need to have someone who knows "how-to-wear-Furisode." Unless you already know how.  
Jingoro Furisode
・furisode・obi belt・obijime
You can put on Kimono on your underwear!
Don’t need dressing accessories!

“I want to attend coming of age ceremony with Furisode but it take lot of money...”
“I can’t pay ¥300,000 for only one time coming of age ceremony...”
“It take a lot of time to wear and can’t wear Furisode myself...”
“I can’t wear again after loose shape...”
“I probably won’t wear again after coming of age ceremony...”

Our Furisode is a must-see for these girls!!!

Please don’t give up wearing and buying Furisode!!

Our Furisode

everyone can wear easily,

keep its shape

and can wash at home!

No need dressing!

No need dressing accessories!

No need charge for dressing!
Inexpensive by far!!

Limited edition
List Price ¥99,600

Now ¥59,800

(tax not included)


For tailor made, please call


(Flagship store JIN)
Mon.~Sat. 13:00~18:00
Sun. & Holiday 11:00~17:00

8-3 Honome, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken 874-0844 Japan
email: jingoro-eshop@nihonkimono.co.jp
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