Jingoro Kimono …

Everyone can wear easily by yourself
Don’t lose its shape
Can wash at home

It’s only “Shitateya Jingoro”!!

・Only put on kimono and tie 3 strings!
・No need to have dressing accessorie
・The obi is easy to wear!
Obi: (kimono sash)
kimono with collar
you use only 4 items! (kimono,obi,obijime,collar)
four-piece set (kimono,obi,obijime,collar)
​List price ¥69,000
​¥43,900 (tax not included)
Customer Reviews
Very Easy Kimono!

I thought that I would like to wear a kimono on usual outing, but I was looking for something that is easy to dress because I can’t wear kimono by myself.

This kimono was really easy to wear. I didn’t need dressing accessories, and special underwear for kimono, so I could wear it soon after bought!

I wore kimono and went Omiyamairi(shrine visit) with my child.

Jingoro kimono was easily worn and didnt lose its shape!

As the kimono is washable, I didn’t have to worry about baby's milk spilling or drooling on the kimono.

kimono without collar
you use only 3 items!(kimono,obi,obijime)
three-piece set (kimono,obi,obijime)
​List price ¥61,600
​¥35,900 (tax not included)
Customer Reviews
I’m Glad I Could Wear Kimono!

I wore Jingoro’s kimono at my company's year-end party. My boss said "You shouldn’t  get dirty so don’t have to move." I was surprised that he cared for me. Jingoro kimono is washable so I didn’t worry about stain and enjoyed meals from the bottom of my heart!

I Participated in A Kids' Entrance Ceremony with Kimono!

Normally it’s take a time and difficult to move when trying to enter the entrance ceremony with kimono, but since Jingoro's kimono was easy to wear and didn’t take time so I could make a time to get ready for my child! The experience was impressive!

short-sleeve kimono
you use only 2 items!(kimono,obi)
three-piece set (kimono,obi,shawl)
​List price ¥61,600
​¥35,900 (tax not included)
Customer Reviews
My Daughter Was Able to Wear Kimono Alone Abroad!

I received consultation from my daughter who is studying abroad "I wanna wear kimono at the party but I can’t wear it myself" so I sent Jingoro kimono.

At a later date, my daughter said, "It was easy to wear without taking too much time! I’ll have a lot of parties here and I will be pleased when I wear this kimono! Even if I sweat, get dirty with my meal, it’s washable so I wanna wear it next week too!”

I Was Treated to The Dinner!

I wore Jingoro kimono when I met with my boyfriend. He said “Since you wore kimono, mind as well eat good dinner” and he paid for my dinner. My kimono’s sleeve was short , so it didn’t get dirty and I was able to genuinely enjoy eating dinner!

Let’s Go Out
with Jingoro kimono♡
Dinner party, outing, year-end party, New Year's party, thank-you party,cherry-blossom viewing, autumn leaves hunting, travel, invited wedding, second party, alumni association, Temple tour, Sightseeing, Presentation, Concert, Museum, ceremony, graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony, theater, party etc. ♪
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email: jingoro-eshop@nihonkimono.co.jp
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