Kimono for men
A six-piece set of Kimono
(Kimono, Juban, Haori, Obi, Haorihimo, Bag)
Juban: underskirt for kimono
Haori: half coat
Haorihimo: string tied across the open chest of a haori)
It’s our own product.
Everyone can wear easily alone.
Tailor Made Kimono
It is a kimono tailored to you.
The red lining is stylish and fashionable.
For the summer festival or your relax time.
Embroidered Samue with Obi (Read style SAMUE)
This is a collaboration item between William Read active in various fields and Kenichi Takahashi the designer of Shitateya Jingoro
8-3 Honome, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken 874-0844 Japan
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Shitateya Jingoro | The kimono everyone can wear in 29 sec. It keep its shape and can wash in your home.

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