What's "Shitateya Jingoro"?

Shitateya Jingoro is kimono brand "everyone can wear easily it alone, keep its shape and can wash it in a home"

Yearning and Reality for kimono

A lot of people was fascinated by beauty of kimono's infinite color and design. Kimono is a national costume in Japan and almost people want to wear it. Not only Japanese but also people all over the world hope to wear and see it.

However, there are many problems.

Difficult to wear (can't wear yourself)



Difficult to wash, stored and care

Lose its shape

Can't wear it again after lose it shape

Unfortunately, most people experienced "Kimono Rental" said don't want to wear it anymore.

Evolution for Preservation of Tradition

Shitateya Jingoro solved a losing interest in kimono. Moreover, we got a patent as "a kimono everyone can wear it yourself, keep its shape and can wash in a home."

Kimono is the same as environment, architectural styles, features, makeup, hairstyles have been changing with the times. 

Our kimono naturally matches modern lifestyles and street lined with houses.
We can enjoy putting on a necklace, earring, sandals and boots with our kimono.
Moreover, our kimono doesn’t need wide space to wear and can be worn on a clothes, so that we easily wear it everywhere.

Sitateya Jingoro is a innovative kimono.

Don’t need dressing and accessory for dressing

Everyone can easily wear the kimono alone

​Easy to move, keep it shape

We got a patent for curve sewing.

Our kimono fit your body and don’t lose its shape.

Washable in a home

You can wash our kimonos in your home.

Easy carrying, storing

Our kimonos don’t  wrinkle easily.

You can fold it, carry it anywhere and store it like  your clothes in a closet.

Remove “ohasyori(a layer of extra fabric around a waist)”

Our kimonos make your body look beautiful

Our kimonos are really useful for the people wear kimono first time, a regular user all over the world.

8-3 Honome, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken 874-0844 Japan
email: jingoro-eshop@nihonkimono.co.jp
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Shitateya Jingoro | The kimono everyone can wear in 29 sec. It keep its shape and can wash in your home.

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